EXCLUSIVE // Stream Golden Python’s new Balls Be Trippin’ EP

I distinctly remember Fris Bot’s review of Golden Python‘s debut 2014 EP Matt Damon vs the World starting something like this “Back in the day, I lived in Cananada for a short time. But then, didn’t we all?“. Goes for the heart every time.

Anyway, here’s a band that should be on your radar. Golden Python are part of the vibrant and perhaps underappreciated Montreal scene curated so beautifully in part by the Stack Your Roster collective. The four-piece, featuring Gulfer vocalist Vincent Ford, are adept in bringing new energy into the impetuous nature of math rock. Notes and chord progressions are overturned, rhythms are displaced, structures abrade against each other.

We are happy to be premiering the new Golden Python EP Balls Be Trippin in full right here on Fecking Bahamas. Combining the rambunctious wit of Tera Melos with the indie flair of Gulfer, it’s a nice lil’ rollercoaster that you’ll want to ride more than once.

goldenpythonBalls Be Trippin’ will be released at the end of this weekend on Golden Python’s bandcamp. Oh Canada…