ANNOUNCEMENT // Small Pond Recordings, Musical Mathematics and Bad Math team up for Bad Pond All-Dayer

If you haven’t heard about Brighton, you are a fool. It is essentially becoming the Mecca for math rock and other niche genres. It’s vibrant math culture extends not only to math bands like Polymath, Cousin, The Physics House Band, and Luo; but also to important media and music collectives like Bad Math and Small Pond Recordings. It’s the latter of these groups that form the reason why you are travelling down to Brighton in a few weeks.


Y’see, they’re putting on an all-day festival at the Green Door Store in Brighton. Bad Pond not only a music festival with a top line-up, it will also feature a record fair, gaming booth, and math rock quiz (that piece of trivia about the Illuminati-shaped birthmark on Damon Che’s elbow will finally have its moment). The roster itself is fucking tight: Palm Reader, Town Portal, Delta Sleep, Cleft, Let’s Talk Daggers, Written In Waters, Sleep Kit, Wild Cat Strike, Calico and Cousin. It’s sure to be a cracker of a day, and it’s only going to set you back ‎£8.

For those of us that live outside the UK train system, have no fear. Our old Leeds buddies in Musical Mathematics are also supporting the fest, and will be live streaming the festival on their website. Live stream of a math festival? You better believe it.

And for those that have already purchased their tickets, you might even bump into a couple of us FB folk. We’ll be the ones wearing daggy tweed blazers, smoking fake pipes, and commenting on why Tweez was better than Spiderland.

You can tickets for the Bad Pond All-Dayer right here. Check the Band Pond Facebook event page for the latest details on the frivolities.