TUBAX – Governo Laser (2016)

It doesn’t get any zanier than this, folks. As they steadily approach a decade of music-making, Italian four piece TUBAX make yet another mark with Governo Laser, a masterful feast of heavily slapped bass, corny synths, and odd-metered grooves, harboring all the nostalgia of the 70’s exploitation film era.

It makes sense, really. Governo Laser is, at its heart, a progressive record, and it’s not uncommon to hear hints of ELP and Frank Zappa amidst the wackiness. And in many ways, much of the samples used across the record wouldn’t be out of place on some of the more contemporary albums of Three Trapped Tigers or Ultra Zook.

Governo Laser is equal parts disco funk, prog and space rock, teeming with convoluted bass lines and bizarro keyboards. And it wouldn’t be amiss in a camp film like, you know, ‘Dolomite Fights The Zombie Flesh Eaters’ or ‘Rabid Biker Hookers From Outer Space’. It’s a whirlwind of a ride.

File Under

Instrumental, funk, jazz, progressive, electronic

Sounds A Tad Like

ELP, Keiko Tsuda

Standout Tracks

Fungar Pt. 1, Zenigata


€10 (Bandcamp)


Bologna, Italy