tricot return with their well-renowned blend of jangling math rock in 3. Fans have eagerly awaited the Japanese three-piece’s third effort, after the success of A N D, and the band’s first album following Kazutaka’s departure.

The sheer musicianship of Ikkyu, Motifour and Hirohiro slaps the listener in the face with the sound of the first trademark high-pitched snare of ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’, the album’s opening track. ‘Yosoiki’, the track preceding first single ‘DeDeDe’, offers the listener sickly sweet vocal harmonies accompanying one of 3’s uncountable catchy melodies. ‘Pork Side’ is a perfect interlude and introduction to ‘Pork Ginger’ the centre point of the album. The way the guitars and bass lines are woven together is something really special. ‘18, 19’ is a particular stand-out and it’s quite impossible to not move to the intricate beat and flowing bassline… after singing along to the coy ‘ooh’s at the start.

3 is a faultless, feel-good album from start to finish. Don’t speak Japanese? That just isn’t a problem. Ikkyu’s voice is just that good. Besides, you don’t need to speak another language to recognize a solid bass tone, clever riffs and technical drumming. This is your summer soundtrack, guaranteed.

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Math Rock, Vocals, Three-piece, Odd rhythms, Disjointed riffs

Sounds A Tad Like

Akai Ko-en, Toe, Covet


$8 USD digital album, $16 USD LP vinyl, $8 USD cassette, $10 USD CD


Kyoto, Japan