Visuals – Lekker (2017)

One might be forgiven for hearing South Korea’s Visuals and expecting a pop-up carnival. In their wild debut Lekker, the band bring together a bounty of lavish staccato-style guitar effects and samples, the sort that give bands like Battles and Adebisi Shank their oddball and fantastical flavors. The EP’s four tracks comprises layers (upon layers) of wild strings, synthesizers and off-beat percussion that together form a lavish sensory delight of disco pastiche, chiptune, eccentric electronica, and of course good ol’ fashioned instrumental rock.

So perhaps Lekker is the apt term for Visuals’ debut. The vibe of this EP is nothing far from inebriation, an altered and slightly reckless state of consciousness. Where reality becomes a cartoon. A giant Gameboy Advance-style cartoon. Maybe. At any rate, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

File Under

Electronic, math rock, instrumental, wacky, pop

Sounds A Tad Like

Adebisi Shank, Battles, ya know it


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Seoul, South Korea