tortuganónima – Pársec (2015)

In a genre as experimental as math rock and post rock, the use of guitars are instrumental (no pun intended) for filling the spectrum of a song with high frequencies. Chilean post-math rockers tortuganónima prove that there are many creative and sonically delightful ways to do this. This instrumental quartet from Chile uses their lack of vocals to their advantage, crafting interesting sharp sounding melodies.

In their new EP Pársec, the band brings together a short but impactful and satisfying collection of songs. The first track ‘Sans Soleil’ (possibly a nod to Chris Marker’s 1983 philosophical documentary) opens with a tasteful use of palm-muted riffs harmonized between two guitars, similar in fashion to good ol’ ‘Don Cab’ (possibly a nod to… hm). This track comes with an impressive percussive delivery, giving flavor to the song with carefully accented snare hits, which can be also said for most of the songs on this EP.

One of the most respectable things about tortuganónima on this EP is their ability to blend fast muted and tapped guitar with subtle ambient drones. While some songs are more on the post rock side and some more on closer to typical math rock, they do a great job of combining elements of both on each one. When the guitar riffs go double time and an octave higher on the track ‘Quimeras’, the track really opens up from an ambient piece into a dancy rhythm. It finishes out with some really interesting choices in effects, and before it’s over, crashes out with a final latin-infused rhythm groove. It’s really hard to not smile after hearing that kick in.

This jazzy-plucky-ambient-sometimes-heavy EP delivers. The chemicals that tortuganónima are composed of creates a familiar yet unique product. Each fast paced section is complemented with a slower section of drones and ambience, making each song an intriguing yet comfortable experience.

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Math Rock, Instrumental, Post Rock

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Invalids, tide/edit, Enemies


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Región Metropolitana, Chile