ssighborggggg – Geodesy (2015)

As a geologist, I get a little tingle when I hear words like ‘geodesy’ getting thrown around. We, the public, obviously know geodesy as the science of accurately measuring and understanding the Earth’s geometry, and its orientation within the gravitational framework of the universe. In this case, however, Geodesy is the final proof that Korea’s ssighborggg(g?) were not just a band in an elusive pocket of the globe posting the occasional live video on Youtube. As hoped by us, they were getting an EP together and, lo, it has finally arrived.

If you’ve been following ssighborggg’s habits closely, like we have, some of the songs on Geodesy will be already familiar to you. The EP as a whole contains faint whispers of the electro-math quirks of bands past like Former Animals and Adebisi Shank. Its bouncy effects are counterbalanced by strong hooks and coherent grooves, so the EP never gets lost in over-the-top zaniness. Despite its brevity, the tracks of Geodesy are rather eclectic: the cyber-ambient ‘Geodesy’ appears almost at odds with the Battles-esque follower ‘Kettle Pebble George’. There is a bit of everything here with an extra dollop of textural disparity, like a Greek salad with sultanas. Maybe.

Overall, Geodesy should leave you gasping with awe, the sort of awe you have when you hear that the Earth is not round but rather a irregular oblate spheroid.

File Under

Electronic, math rock, instrumental, post rock, experimental, progressive

Sounds A Tad Like

Three Trapped Tigers, Battles, Adebisi Shank


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United States of Korea