TIP YA HAT (LIVE)! – Memory Of Elephants

Welcome to the first installment of Tip Ya Hat (Live), a segment what will hopefully become a regular deal on our website. It is a chance for bands to not only divulge their most influential albums and bands (as per normal Tip Ya Hat), but to supply exclusive audio or video renditions. We’re kick things off with Bristol’s Memory Of Elephants, whose contribution comes with special message.

MoE’s seering live cover of ‘Glasgow Mega Snake’ by Scottish post-rock juggernauts Mogwai is as fierce and gritty as the original. “The whole reason we became a band in the first place was because of this song“, says Toby Stewart. The trio capture the raw distorted energy that occasionally creeps into Mogwai’s shiner Mr Beast, and their faith to the original blueprints is sure to appease you post-rock aficionados.

However, this isn’t just for fun. Memory Of Elephants have kindly made this track available to us as part of a special awareness campaign. The band had hoped to release their cover as a charity single, in order to raise money for Dan Beesley, guitarist of Cleft, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. “We are urging people to donate to both MacMillan Cancer Care and Dan’s Turbo Tumour page“, says Toby, “he is the most amazing, optimistic person we’ve ever met and we want to help him out as much as possible“. You can’t argue with that folks.

via lunaIf you dig Memory of Elephant’s first instalment of Tip Ya Hat (Live)! track please consider donating to both MacMillan Cancer Care or Dan’s justgiving page. Be a sport would ya?