Dialects – LTKLTL (2015)

Dialects’ debut EP, Let The Kids Light These Lanterns (LTKLTL for short) proves to be a post-rocker’s paradise. The rowdy Glasgow four-piece gave listeners a peek into their debut with the opening track, ‘Restless Earth’, a showcase for their linear, almost story-like songwriting and expressive instrumentation. From transition to seamless transition, Dialects crafts vast, constantly evolving soundscapes comparable to Russian Circles, Totorro, and toe.

The intricate lead guitar melodies and steady rhythms allude to an heir of confidence Dialects possess behind their instruments. Their knack for hooking the listener with beguilingly emotive chord progressions seems to be a distinctive trait they share with fellow Scottish post-rockers like Mogwai, Vasa, and Vasquez. From the light and playful energy of ‘Good Luck Felix’ to the cohesive intensity of ‘Let The Kids’, there’s no shortage of heavy riffage counterbalanced by a central melody that each song is built around. LTKLTL is a prime example of synthesizing post-rock, math-rock, and progressive rock into one package.

File Under

Math Rock, Post Rock, Angular, Progressive

Sounds A Tad Like

Vasa, ASIWYFA, Vasquez


£5 (Bandcamp)


Glasgow, Scotland