The Robot And Me – The Robot And Me (2015)

As a primary teacher, sometimes you’ve just got too much on your plate. So you need to delegate. When I’m too busy to listen to music, or indeed any sounds except the relentless drone of my own inertia, I just shut a bunch of Italian 11-year-olds in a room with this week’s freshest sounds™ and force them to do my listening for me. And my opinion making.

So here are some of the thoughts I’ve had (some children have had) about some music I’ve studied deeply and intellectually (not yet listened to):

I would describe it using the word “hour” because it’s like a clock ticking in time with drums and guitars that explode in a dream of electronic sounds. This type of sound is as fast as light and it has a strange and crazy rhythm! I liked that there are different mixture of sounds (some beats are louder and some are softer). These are very exciting songs, like if I’m about to win a competition, a videogame or a soccer match. It made me feel cheerful and I would recommend it to people who like robotic music. This song makes me feel like a king in front of my servants.

I didn’t like the first song because it was confusing and it seemed like a cry baby playing an electric piano without knowing what he was doing. The second song makes me feel like I’m poor and I’m asking for money from people. I think these songs could be better by putting words in. I didn’t thoroughly like it but I think teenagers would like it more than me. I don’t think everybody should hear it because older people would not feel the energy.

The great thing about delegating to kids is that they always manage to have opinions really quickly and you don’t have to pay them. I’m thinking of starting a rival website.

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Math rock, loops, twinkles, instrumental

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Let Us Just Call It Abstract, Adebisi Shank, Buck Futters


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