Space Blood / Hannibal Montana – Split EP (2015)

Hannibal Montana and Space Blood have released a brand new split EP. Dubbed a ‘theatrical’ and ‘comedic’ math rock two-piece, Space Blood bring a Don Caballero-esque cacophony to mingle amidst firmly structured and rhythmically technical phrases in their track ‘Stop, Drop, and Don’t Worry About It’. Sam Edgin’s battering bass riffs resonate atop William Covert’s ever-changing and intricate drum work in a ever-shifting math rock haze, echoing early Nomeansno material. While Space Blood harness the fun-loving, wacky side of math rock one would expect from a band that has been compared to The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Hannibal Montana span the progressive, post, and math rock genres with their song ‘Gut-Wrenching Heartlessness vs. Heart-Wrenching Gutlessness’. Noodly finger-tapping and stop/start punctuation are laden across the beginning of this track, vaguely reminiscent of their previous work, ’28-20: You Missed it Honey!’ from their 2013 28-20 EP. Intermittent piano melodies offer a more melancholic layer to the track, something 28-20 was also ready to experiment with.

Both songs feature complementary remixed versions: Space Blood is chopped into a club-savvy dance tune; Hannibal Montana becomes an atmospheric, piano-driven trance. Both the remixes and originals on this split are promising examples of what’s in store for Hannibal Montana’s and Space Blood’s future.

File Under

Math rock, wacky, tappity-tap, two-piece, noise rock, progressive

Sounds A Tad Like

Invalids, Piglet, Zeus!, Nomeansno




Chicago/New York, US/US