EXCLUSIVE // Listen to Hannibal Montana’s new album “This Makes Me Wish I Didn’t Wish I Were Dead”


In addition to their evident flare, Hannibal Montana have somewhat of a sentimental connection to our website, for they were the first band we ever wrote about. We were barely in diapers then. I suppose we were in the walking stage when we wrote about their split with Space Blood. And now we’re, I dunno, a self-righteous teenager with a deep-rooted inferiority complex and social ennui, nestled in the dark safe space of our room as we write about their latest full length This Makes Me Wish I Didn’t Wish I Were Dead. I guess the point is that Hannibal Montana have served as a temporal marker throughout Fecking Bahama’s lifespan. (In one sense, they were already serving as a historical marker through the cultural reference their name parodies, a reference now slowly becoming lost with time.)

So it goes without saying that we are proud to now be streaming This Makes Me Wish I Didn’t Wish I Were Dead in its entirety, prior to its official release on Friday. It’s the perfect trail mix for the hiking instrumental rock enthusiast, sporting an eclectic range of off kilter math rock, cathartic electronic post rock, progressive rock, high energy skate punk, and even samba (refer ‘Hannibal Missouri’). It’s an album packed full of sound; in some areas several layers of guitar tracks can be heard. Thus, it is clear that Hannibal Montana are aiming for something sonically enriching, but also eager to traverse many genres over the album’s lifespan.

An album in the making since 2013, This Makes Me Wish I Didn’t Wish I Were Dead is an achievement of supreme musicianship, one that will engrain itself in your skull for weeks to come.

spacebloodYou can pre-order your own copy of This Makes Me Wish I Didn’t Wish I Were Dead right now on Hannibal Montana’s Bandcamp page.