NEWS // Polymath premiere new single ‘Ekerot’ and announce new mini-album

Well who woulda thought? Following their successful 2015 LP Reptiles, which incidentally finished in on our End Of Year Report, Brighton’s Polymath return bright and eager with a roaring single from another upcoming album. Their new mini-album entitled Melencolia will comprise three tracks and documents the opposing responses of two sisters to a rogue planet descending towards the Earth. It is an insight into the apathetic tendencies of depressed individuals when a catastrophe unfolds. Sorry, scratch the last part, that’s the Von Trier in me talking.

Their single ‘Ekerot’ is delivered in the groovy yet punishing style that typifies the Brighton three-piece. You will feel wafts of Mars Volta, King Crimson, maybe a little Radiohead in there amidst the ruckus.

goldenpythonMelencolia will be released 8th April 2016 via the champs at Superstar Destroyer Records. You have between now and then to find out what the word ‘ekerot’ means.