Feed Me Jack – Ultra Ego (2016)

Ultra Ego is Feed Me Jack’s most professionally composed and rhythmically stellar release yet, telling of their maturity as a band and individual musicians. But, in truth, they are as good as they have ever been.

I have been listening to Feed Me Jack consistently since Chumpfrey in 2012 and Anatolia in 2013. Their first release was strewn with ska and punk, chopped in little bits and infused with jazz and twitchy math timing. Anatolia turned from the rougher influences, and transformed its underset aggression into calculation and innovation, a real masterpiece of indie-math. Their newest release was structured with the expert precision of informally and formally trained jazz musicians spewing with non-jazz influences.

Sliding in estranged snare hits under leading base notes and jazzy guitar work the vocals move in and out effortlessly, all complemented by agreeable chords on the keys. The first track, ‘Move Your Still,’ slowly ushers you into the equanimity of the album, as the final track, ‘New Kid’, pulls you out of their space, quiet and still. Ultra Ego is Feed Me Jack’s most impressive album yet. It is a perfect addition to their already mesmerizing body of work.

File Under

Math rock, soothing, indie, vocals, pop, angularity

Sounds A Tad Like

Suffer Like G Did, Ishmael, Monobody

Standout Tracks

Audio Pono, Move Your Still


Name Your Price (Bandcamp), or on cassette


Kyoto, Japan, via meatcube in Seattle