Three Second Kiss


If you’re in the US and you’re not familiar with Three Second Kiss, we can’t really blame you, but now is the time to amend it – the blustery Italian alt punkers could actually be considered forefathers of a lot of our favorite UK post-punk records from the last couple years.

Of course, places in the punk pantheon are hardly up to us, but luckily Overdrive Records has announced that they’ve actually picked up the band officially and are set to release the band’s first album in 12 years this Spring, produced by Don Zientara (Fugazi, Minor Threat, Lungfish, Rites of Spring, John Frusciante, and dozens more.)

We don’t have a new single yet, but we’ll let you know – that being said, you can get a decent rip of the nostalgia off their single “Operation Dragon” from back in the day below.


It turns out, the band never really went anywhere, they’ve just been busy, and boy do we understand that more every day. Here’s a snippet from the press released:

“In fact, we never stopped.” – comment the band, talking about what is about to become the new chapter in their career, twelve-years between their previous: “Nine tracks that do not pick up the band’s musical discourse where it was left off. At least to our ears it doesn’t sound the way we were…”

As active as the trio was initially, in 1993, Three Second Kiss is happy to share the details on their signing announcement: “We are happy that this album is coming out on Overdrive Records. We believe that the people who work there are driven by a sincere passion for the most direct and incisive music. We got to know some members of this family and we think we share the same musical history; we grew up with the same sounds and a sincere and unmediated attitude towards the musical world.”

After all, the time issue has never been a concern for Three Second Kiss, who has always operated autonomously and independently. This time, however, time has run fast. And there is not much to say about that. The members stress:

“These are the pains (many) and joys of adult life. We stopped when life forced us to stop. We regained purpose and cohesion when environmental circumstances and harmony got flowing again. And from the chasm we have risen again.”

Keep an eye on the band on more from Overdrive Records here.