party friends


Cautionary tales, more often than not, involve risks you already kind of know about. Someone is already telling you, so it’s likely there’s a similar situation at hand.

But every once in a while, some strange traveller imparts wisdom on you that you couldn’t have picked up otherwise. Today, that friend is Brooklyn’s Party Friends.

Coordinated with our longtime contributor Tak Yamamoto, this exclusive single and video for “Amethyst Basilisk” takes us on a journey through some wild and unnaturally wooly places. Check it out below.


The song’s bouncy, spastic nature is sure to please fans of early Tera Melos, Nuito, Lop Abuse on Somebody,and 1inamillion.. It’s fun, it’s progressive and math-y, and has a uniquely jammy feel to it that will also appeal to those of us officially mourning CHON.

The procedurally generated video is also impressive – if a little nightmarish when you look real hard. like, what are those tarantula-elephant looking things? It’s like seeing a yeti or big foot after licking one of those psychedelic tree frogs.

Here’s a blurb from the band about the song and video:

“Gaze upon the endless cycle of growth, decay, consumption, and transformation that dominates all. Peer into the meaningless noise of the latent space to reveal the unseen patterns, hidden figures that emerge from the diffusion, if only for a moment. Beware the Amethyst Basilisk.”


We wouldn’t have ever guessed to be on the lookout for some sort of gem serpent if we hadn’t run into these wise wanderers. Much obliged, Party Friends – here’s hoping we hear more from you soon.