Because we care, we wanted to make sure readers didn’t miss this wildly uncanny stock-footage nightmare from Testa that came out just a couple of weeks ago.

Thus far, it certainly takes place as our favorite music video of the year with it’s ‘caricature of a caricature of caricature’ flavored meta-narrative, featuring dancing cats, cyberpunk grandmas, a baby-faced bearded wizard of some kind, and a whole lot more.

It’s very much the kind of thing where the term ‘visual fodder’ comes to mind, but it’s very well executed. You might recognize that most of the video is genuinely made of stock footage, but not so much as you notice the contextual juxtapositions of said footage. It’s hard to explain – just take a peep below.


All that being said, Testa are obviously at the top of their game in terms of sound – “pressure” matches the videos surreal arc with moments of jazzy keys, bass funk, disparate math rock Telecaster licks, and fluctuating time signatures.

Overall, we’re pretty sure it’s something most of you will enjoy, whether for the video’s sheer entertainment value or the song’s playful, constantly changing vibes, and it’s a great starting place for readers who haven’t checked them out yet. Because you definitely should.

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