Sunflo’er blew up this year with their deep-fried and sassy mathcore rumbler all of these darlings and now me, and a big part of the record’s success was the addition of new vocalist Jeff Lyszczarz.

While imparting a totally new personality to the band, Jeff also helped center the Buffalo based act’s most treasured traits with his tasteful delivery. He also knows when to hang back – for instance, he doesn’t even appear on this song. That’s how tasteful he is.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not quintessential Sunflo’er. Even if it isn’t. Okay, we know that’s a little vague, but just check it out below and then we’ll get on with it after.


On the record, “here ends the road and the days” serves as sort of a prelude to the far more aggressive “big city shotgun,” which could potentially make for a tasty followup single. It’s also one of the most succinct songs on the record, so who knows, it could definitely happen. There’s also a lot left up in the air with the video though, so we’ll see.

That being said, “here ends the road…” is actually a smart choice to use as a tease for whatever is coming next, because it does a good job at subverting ubiquitous yet misleading comparisons to The Chariot and Every Time I Die. With it’s post-rock leanings and obsessively slow pace, it’s evident there’s a lot more to Sunflo’er than hero worship, and when you remember they came from a far more metalcore background, all these darlings and now me represents a bit of a shakeup for them.

It’s a shame they had to burn that plant, but oh well. In a way, it will live far longer now, and in far more people’s memories, and that’s probably all the plant really wanted, so bravo, little specimen. You burnt up real good.

We’ll definitely keep you posted as far as whether or not “here ends the road…” ends up getting a logical, sequential visual followup. We hope it does. In the meantime, check out the album on Bandcamp via Dark Trail Records here and buy us one of those fun little frozen coffees here. Holidays, amirite? Anyway coming up we’ve got an update on our compilations, a video game sidebar, an interview with our mom, and more.