The holiday dread is full on here, folks. The signs are outside, the neighbors’ parking lots are full, the leaves are dropping off of everything, all the lights are going up… it’s miserable.

Why does every grocery store in town have to have all of these painted rain deer on the walls? Literally zero consideration for people with a history of incidents involving rain deer. We exist, okay?

Luckily, we’ve got something extremely visual to move through the trauma with today – a twelve minute hypnotic visualizer for the brand new EP from Inoculous, and we’ve got to say, it’s pretty crazy. There are pulsing, neon hypercubes, deep-sea psychedelics, and bubbling little forest castles. It’s a lot, but we’ll get to that in a moment – the tunes are pretty sweet as well.

Sonder kicks off with a sweetly melancholic acoustic refrain that quickly morphs into something fans of Floral and Giraffes? Giraffes! will definitely vibe with. There’s a deluge of tapping and gutsy guitar tones, and there’s also some cool production lurking in the background.

Hold onto your hats and check out the exclusive stream below.


Seriously though, we haven’t seen visuals like that since we miscalculated the dosage for a certain fungal field trip and ended up forgiving the electric ghost of Jesus for his sins against man. It’s a long story. We’re better now. We think. We’ve been processing a lot because of the holidays. Thanks to director Paul “Alfie” Garcia for bringing all of that up. Apparently.

Anyway, after the full-blown astral travel geometry of the visualizer’s first half, the second half definitely take a turn for the organic, and it makes for interesting contrast with the music. Demetri, the main songwriter behind Inoculous, guides the listener through a variety of sonic textures throughout Sonder‘s brief twelve-minute run time. There’s some light chugs and the occasional pillar of heavy sound, but for the most part Inoculous focuses on the storytelling of each song by leaning into their motifs or exploring an idea in multiple dynamics.

Whether you’re looking for some adventurous and prog-influenced music that still bears a strong resemblance to math rock, Sonder is certainly worth a listen, but we’d bet that Inoculous has enough creative juices stored up to transcend these pesky little genres either way – here’s hoping we hear more soon.

Our neighbors blow up Santa has a hole in it and we have no idea how it got there. Check out the rest of Inoculous on their Bandcamp here, and drive away those holiday bad-thoughts through buying us coffee here. It’s the only way. Coming up we’ve got all kinds of stuff from updates on the compilations and more, but things do tend to slow down a bit this time of year. Probably because everyone is depressed. As always, thanks for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for more from us soon!