NEW MUSIC// Stream ‘Luses Fadas’, the newest single from French math-prog-zeuhl weirdos PoiL

You might say that Lyon trio PoiL are the spiritual siblings of the loud and wobbly quartet Ni (who, yes, recently collaborated to form PinioL). PoiL, the older of the two, appear to have paved their music odyssey around twisting the jazzy prog stylings of French veterans like Magma and Weidorje, and adding antiquated music motifs and Python-esque quirks.

‘Luses Fadas’ is the first single from PoiL’s upcoming album Sus. The album, recorded at l’Art Scène studio by Adrian Bourget, consists of two epic 20 minute pieces of prog, math rock and zeuhl. The compositions incorporate a rich suite of themes ranging from Occitan polyphony to buccal filtered vocalizations inspired by Stockhausen Stimmung on a mushroom trip. In ‘Luses Fadas’ the track slowly unfurls from eerie tribal pulses to wonky cacophonous (yet highly dexterous) instrumental mayhem.

This unashamedly weird single sounds like the cuckoo clock built by a deranged clockmaker, and all the reason you need to keep Sus on your hitlist.

a1369708735_10Sus will be released on April 26 worldwide via French label Dur et Doux.
You can pre-order the album here.