Photograph taken by Paola Baltazar

FOCUS // The top ten snacks to eat whilst on tour, as voted by Delta Sleep

One of the great perks of touring is trying the many forms of cuisine the globe has to offer. But when you ain’t signed to Sony, you’re typically always travelling on a budget. More than likely, you’re going to be depending on the a la carte menu at the nearest Shell petrol station. Fugazi made this situation even more complicated for themselves by not selling merchandise and being vegetarian; stories have it that they used to fill up a cooler with healthy food from grocery stores and just picnic in their van on the side of the road.

We spoke to math rock fun-sters Delta Sleep about the budget bites they like to throw their moneys at on when they hit the road. Having toured through Japan, the US, Europe and Mexico, the band have inadvertently become the Sultans of Snacks. They will undoubtedly be depending on some of these gems when they hit the US again next month. Oh, y’all didn’t know that?

Right, let’s get into them snack rankings…


Charrones, Crisps (Mexico)

“Basically a massive bag of tortilla chips with a full bottle of hot sauce collated to them…easily the messiest of road side snacks but on that long drive from Mexico City to Monterrey they are a beacon of intense, painful light.”

PAUL, The Chicken Parmo Baguette (France)

“Only once have we managed to come across this baguette and it was completely by accident. It’s basically a chicken parmo baguette, loads of cheese, chicken and béchamel sauce stuffed into a bread stick. Equally amazing and horrible. We’ve returned to the very same PAUL (A16 between Calais and Paris) multiple times but only to be let down…does it actually exist? I think so, yes.”

Trebor Mints, AKA Maggies (UK)

“Trebor mints quickly became a tour favourite, they look like your average mint but these guys pack the ultimate flavour and will keep you going for ours. Also great for sharing with friends or associates.
(btw, Trebor is Robert backwards! Fuck!)”


Caramel, M&Ms – (US)

“These puppies are much larger than your average m&m. With their soft, chewy caramel centre and perfect shell to chocolate ratio, they’re your dentists worst nightmare but oh boy are they worth it. If spotted, purchase on sight.”

Sheetz, Hotdog feast – (US)

“The only service station to double dare you to double up on your hotdog order. The hotdogs range from plain to the full works. Double up, if you dare.”


FAXE, Lager can (Europe)

“A huge can of shit lager, keeps you going late into the night. Hot Tip: don’t buy one.”

Look O Look (Europe)

“The Creme de la Creme of pick-a-mix, R Rated sugar and MSG levels make this snack an essential long drive companion.

Whether you’re setting off on a late night, post show drive or you need an early morning pick-me-up, they’ve got your back.”

Tebay, Sunday roast – (UK)

“The only service station to feed you like your Northern granny who hasn’t seen you in years. This organic farmers market ranges from pocket sized pies to full blown roasts. If you’re feeling a bit down and you need a pick me up, head there for a nice big hug on the inside from a smiley northern farmer.”


3-D Bugles (Europe)

“These wonderful little roadside companions hark back to a medieval instrument, the “Bugle-horn”, otherwise known as your common household bugle. It was an instrument used to mark the return of warriors, and upon the opening of the city gates, kings would enter the city to the warm parps of a bugle. These crisps serve much the same purpose on a tour and boost the morale of a touring party much like they did 10,000 years ago in Jerusalem.”

Rice Triangles (Japan)

“The ‘full Bodied’ Rice Triangle is the cheapest way to stay alive and stay happen when touring Japan – Wrapped in crispy seaweed, the rice triangle is a manageable and affordable road side staple. They come in a variety of flavours, but the best is arguably the Salmon or Tuna. Available at all good/bad/shocking 7 Elevens.”