false pockets


Rochester, NY’s False Pockets have been on our radar for a while now, quietly bubbling with music sarcastic yet sincere since 2019. The band is prepping a new album for release in just a couple of months, and full disclosure, they sent us an advance. We became low-key obsessed overnight. Today, you can begin to understand why.

While we won’t spill all the goodness beans here, we’re excited to share the band’s new single, titled “Quarter Life Crisis Diapers.” It’s not just a great song title – it’s an amazing litmus test for the full length. Sure, the band’s jangling, bombastic attitude is met with a growing sense of maturity, but it never loses momentum. If anything, they’re gaining it. And fast – check it out below.

“Quarter Life Crisis Diapers” does a great job balancing Erik Happ’s powerful vocals with a number of compound meter guitar parts. There are a couple moments here where Erik actually sounds a little bit like a young David Gilmour, a compliment we never thought we’d give out – especially in math rock. So rest assured, we mean it when we say we’re excited for you to hear the rest of it. There’s an exceptional amount of talent brewing here, and after this, they could go anywhere.

Selfish Prophecies premieres on Substream Magazine February 18th.

Keep your eyes peeled here for a full review around then as well. Don’t forget to check out the band’s self-titled EP on their Bandcamp here! You’ll have just enough time to absorb it before the full-length overtakes you and warms up those frigid winter playlists. We’ve got more cool stuff coming up in February from bands like The Poison Arrows, Catbamboo, and more. And that’s just the stuff we can tell you! If you wanna help keep our metaphorical shit together, feel free to buy us a coffee here. We do love caffeine. Anyway, thanks for reading, and for making all of this great music for us to cover. See you soon!