Many moons ago, there was a contributor round these parts that went by the name of Carl Strum. As a math rock connoisseur, Carl put out some hot write ups back in his day, but he’s never hit us with heat like this before.

Well, wait that’s not true – we’re probably just bitter that we turned out to be Carl’s day job. Motchitsuki actually dropped a bonafide banger in 2019 with their trippy debut Dummy Plug, and followed up next year with the beautifully glitch-friendly EP Net New Resources. They’ve stayed on the radar since, and just a few months ago we got the Unmixed Unmastered Unfinished record, which despite angular edges, sounded pretty mixed, mastered, and finished to us.

Overall, it’s been a sick run for Motchisuki, and after some soul searching, we eventually found that we were happy for Carl and that he found himself further immersed in music even if he didn’t have time for us anymore. But now that it seems now like the best is possibly yet to come, we’re feeling a little flustered and clutching for our old therapist’s business card.

Check out the wild “Timesheep” below.

With all that energy, we wouldn’t count on being able to count “Timesheep” in order to fall asleep. Hell, will we even be able to act like adults and congratulate Carl on his bangin’-est banger yet without breaking down and asking him to do writeups for us again? We doubt it. But maybe.

Regardless, we will still be able to show people this badasses song. Somewhere between the best of bands like God Alone., Aiming for Enrike, and of all bands, Ratatat, Motchisuki mold an exciting new blend for themselves while revisiting their rocky-er roots with the single. Though it stands for now as a lone song, we hope it’s a sign of whatever might be around the corner.

Dammit, Carl. Why did you have to go and leave this place? Just kidding it’s been just me as long as I can remember hehe. Check out more from the band here – coming up we’ve got The Pieces of Shit!, Be Nothing, Feefafum, Cinema, and a helluva lot more. We are moving so things might slow down a little bit but not for long. Thanks for reading!