Chile is one of those countries that is positively spilling over with musical talent, and Legrant are the latest to capture our attention with lush, all-encompassing post-rock. There’s certainly a math rock back bone to the album in general, with a shred-friendly aesthetic.

Up to this point, the band has only put out a couple singles, which sounded well enough, but as a whole, Pendulo moves joyfully through it’s own primordial ooze without straining itself. “Papas Negras” and “DMT” are tasty instrumental rippers that are sure to find ground with fans of Catbamboo and Sithu Aye, but also weirder strains of post-rock and math like A-tota-so and If These Trees Could Talk.

Check out the spacey, delay soaked “DMT” below. Those are some fiery fretboard taps, you gotta admit. It’s cool that it’s sort of a heavy dynamic but it also bounces into some undeniably math-y territory when both guitar parts are tapping at the same time.

Honestly, this would be a little too intense for DMT. You know, from what we’ve… read. We’re just saying, inter-dimensional entities generally need stable, main-phase gleams of time in order to… you know what, never mind.

Some of the record’s most interesting moments occur in the album’s first thirty seconds with “Introduccíon al Calculo” as it charges off with expansive, adventurous vibes that almost seem to follow a narrative but then stops altogether. “Bouncing Fish” and “Momo Sagrado” have a similar chill to Malaga’s Sorry Kini or Rio de Janeiro’s Millo, with their free-wheeling, jazz-by-way-of-post-hardcore feels, topped a little influence from Foster Parents.

Closer “Bosque Aleatorio” opens with undeniably classy bass delay and chugged, almost-emo guitars. Overall, Legrant holds it down somewhere between instrumental post-hardcore and classically-inspired shred, and while there might be a few other bands in that space, the band knows how to lean into their own strengths to create something unique.

This was one of those surprises where we were just going through our inboxes and saw a message from the band. Boom, the whole thing was there, no waiting or deadlines, just a “we think you’d like this, here’s a link.” We love it when that happens. Check out the full deal on Bandcamp here and warm our frozen little digits with a cup of coffee here. Anyway, coming up we’ve got a mad season of interviews and exclusives for you, from our chats with Defenstrator of Yowie and New York legend Martin Bisi to new drops from Cheval de Frise, Poly-Math, and more.