Kaguu is a Mexican-American band which started playing in 2017. The former three piece, now a duo, describe themselves in their Bandcamp intro as ‘a progressive rock band that plays way too many Nintendo games’, and, boy, you can confirm that statement while listening to any of their songs.

Despite being very young, Rafa de la Garza and Nick Acker are nothing but virtuosi. With a strong influence of Covet, tricot, Elephant Gym and others, Kaguu’s sound is soothing and drills through your mind so deep that it becomes hard not to feel taken to the calmest place on Earth.

Today, they bring to us Yoshino, a new single from their upcoming EP, set to be released later this year. This is a track which keeps up with the band’s signature sound. A prodigious guitar, skillful drum line and a breathtaking harmony.  ‘Yoshino’ is inspired, according to frontman Rafa, ‘in the Japanese Yoshino cherry tree. We wanted to have this name for the song due to all the instruments we played in it, since this tree is a hybrid of two very distinctive others; and it also has an anime/Pokèmon/jungle-Donkey Kong-esque theme’, so, you get the idea.

These video game and music lovers are all set to make you have an amazing time. I recommend you listen to them while playing your favorite game. You can click here to go to their Bandcamp page.