Every once in a while, people get complacent with your their music taste, and an artist like Angel Marcloid, also known as Fire-Toolz, comes around to absolutely melt your comfort zone.

We know this because Eternal Home, Fire-Toolz’ 2021 opus, bowled us over in this exact way with its violent, heart wrenching slushwave and darkly metallic noise baths. It’s a visceral combination on paper, but it’s another level altogether to hear it.

Simply put, it’s a brand of maximalism that’s hard to imagine, but worth the experience. This revolution continued with last year’s I Will Not Use the Body’s Eyes Today, which took the most disparate points of Eternal Home and combined them with a new level of accessibility, complete with swaths of smooth jazz and hyperpop.

Just under a year later, here we are again, and it seems Fire-Toolz has made another quantum leap – but this time, that leap is into the ultimate, inter-dimensional self. Check out the video for “It is Happening Again / Mantra-ing and Golgatha: Double-Bind” below.


To the laymen, it just might sound like David Bowie doing his best to survive an all encompassing hyperspace at the speed of light. However, the heady subject matter is not a huge surprise to Angel’s fans – again, we are dealing with someone who for all intents and purposes probably has a brain the size of a planet.

Listeners are just as likely to forgot what they were doing, who they are, and most certainly what record was on when songs like “The Great Allower” come on, which fans of Jon Zorn, Mike Patton, and Lingua Ingot will certainly enjoy for all of its brief brutalities.


For all the chaos, Marcloid has certainly managed to level up one thing up in a powerful way, still tangible throughout the storm – her storytelling. Obviously, Fire-Toolz can build worlds with the best of them. But by cutting down on the scale, and focusing on her more immediate settings, Marcloid has stunned us once again with modular screams, transportive solo sections, and willingness to push all boundaries aside to reveal original, complex truths – not to mention stellar albums.

We are stoked because we are listening to something that is there. Well, it is, invisibly. Music is weird like that. Anyway, be sure to check out the endless fountain of wonder that is the Fire-Toolz Bandcamp here, and buy us a coffee here if you want us to keep bombarding you with new music and interesting tidbits. Coming up we’ve got After Nations, Fake Pollocks, H.C. Berendsten, and much more. Thanks for reading!