NEW MUSIC // Fer Sher are offering up serves of math rock and indie with their new release ‘Step Siblings’

Ooooooooooh, Canada. Look at y’all up there with your Gulfers and your Golden Pythons and your Stack Your Rosters. You the north are a hot-pocket of underground rock. And what’s a better case-study than Montreal’s most recent math rock breakout Fer Sher? Last year, the quintet tickled the Bandcamp-sphere with their track ‘Randy Gardner’ and, in 2020, they’re popping a double-EP project.

That’s l’affirmative, Fer Sher will be releasing two EPs this year, collectively called Family. The first, Step Siblings, is what we have on offer for you today. The second EP, Identical Triplets, will be released later this spring.

In Step Siblings, Fer Sher are that mastering that oft difficult balance of catchy and complex, with delectably smooth pop vocals from Ali Overing to boot. And the band certainly don’t shy away from elbow grease, the members take care of everything from in-house production to art direction. Benjamin Evans produced, mixed and mastered the entire album. Ali Overing championed the visual / art direction of the band. 

Canada, you gone done it again. Big ups.

You can nab Step Siblings right now from the Fer Sher Bandcamp page. Did someone say ‘name your price’?!