false pockets


Last month we helped Rochester, NY’s False Pockets release their first single, “Quarter Life Crisis Diapers” into the wild. It doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to tell that the group doesn’t just know how to shred, they can also write a decent song with a fair amount of depth to it. Oh, and they called it something vaguely pun adjacent, and we all know that pairs up with math rock. You can check out the original article here.

And now, it’s finally out there in all it’s brazen glory. Selfish Prophecies is angry yet reflective, without losing it’s sideways grin no matter what style they play in. It also has a semi singer/songwriter feel to it. Maybe it’s the vaguely jazz and classical leanings in the distant background. Maybe it’s that the whole band graduated from Finger Lakes Community College, making for common inclinations and background. Whatever it is that results in the multi-dimensional chemistry on display here, it sure is nice.

From “No Multiple of Mine” to “Goldfish I Won at Carnivals” the album’s wistful but heavy tone rarely relents. To keep this endeavor extra sweet, the band had the record mastered by Greg Thompson of Kowloon Walled City. Obviously, KWC is a hugely different sound, but when you hear the depth of the overall presentation, it makes sense.

Selfish Prophecies‘ lyrical content is often quite reflective, again circling around to that underlying sense of singer/songwriter expertise. But it’s also got a lot of that East Coast vibe to it. Ultimately, if you’re not going to listen to it right now, which you should, just imagine something between James Taylor and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.

Yeah, we know. Again, after comparing Happ’s voice to David Gilmour’s in the last article, you can clearly see this is a band that makes you think… or at least make bold comparisons. And if that’s not a mark of true greatness, what is?

Well, there you have it. Selfish Prophets’ jangly, cathartic triumph is one to behold. You know, with your ears. People don’t make music for lists, but rest assured, this one will probably end up on some lists later in the year. You know the type. Waiting in the wings we’ve got coverage on Boise’s massive Treefort Music Fest, Catbamboo, HYPHA, and some wicked weird side projects. Donate to our coffee fund here. Thanks for reading.