Fox Lake


This weekend we’re kicking things off with Winnipeg’s Fox Lake and their brand new single. Upon first glance, “Habitation” is a fiery blaze of punk and math rock that doesn’t waste any time worming its way into listeners ears. It goes by fast, and it’s awfully pretty just the way we like it. But like so much of the material we’ve been seeing the last few months, there’s a certain rawness to be found just beneath the surface.

“‘Habitation’ was the last song we finished for this album, painstakingly written over a year of sporadic sessions wedged between waves of the pandemic. The rest of the band had never heard the vocal ideas until Shane stepped into the booth, and harmonies were written on the spot. The voices are airy and sparse compared to the interwoven and driving instrumentation, which is a balance that we’ve always wanted to strike. Lyrically, the song exemplifies the often cryptic but self-reflective concepts throughout the album – this time wrestling with an acceptance of innate deficiency.” – Neil Exel

Neil plays bass and handles the majority of the vocals. While the lyrical content might come across a little heavy, it’s important to keep in mind that the song itself is an actual blast. Check it out below.

Those vocal harmonies in the background in the chorus are pretty excellent, and occasionally remind us of the hearty interplay you’d find in something a little more wild like A Wilhelm Scream or old-school Billy Talent. They’re also a good deal more prevalent than they were on 2016’s Late Again, which was still a good time, but overall the band’s improved chemistry is sure to find even more traction with listeners this time around.

The balance struck in the mix is also formidable, with guitars that cut through the mix without much harsh upper frequencies, leaving plenty of headroom for the swooshing bass tones and bombastic drums. We love a good guitar screech, but every once in a while, it’s nice to hear something… nice.

“Ultimately this band is four friends who want to get together and write music that is creatively fulfilling and technically challenging – music we enjoy playing and want to listen to.”

Repose, the band’s upcoming full length, is slated for a late April release on Old Press Records.

We’re also stoked to report that the vibes are consistent across the entire album. Oh yes, we’ve heard it. But more on that later. For now, check out the band’s discography on their Bandcamp here. If you want to buy us a coffee (of course you do) kindly do so here. Coming up we’ve got interviews, outer views, and birds eye views. And a hell of a lot more. Cheers!