fake pollocks


Just a couple of weeks back, math rock stalwarts Floral turned over a new leaf as Fake Pollocks, releasing their first official EP.

If you were a fan of singles “Arm” and “Argument,” the fun continues with The Flashlight EP. It’s lean and mean, and occasionally, kind of profound for an EP with such a short runtime, but hey – we’re not complaining.

Thanks to Nate and Ty being freed up to celebrate their musical chemistry by working with a rhythm section, there’s a surge of new, collaborative energy coursing through the records veins, and we’ve got to say, the payoff is pretty huge.

Check out “Fake Blood” below.

It’s not the first time Nate and Ty ventured into heavier territory, although here it doesn’t get quite as visceral as their previous side project, Elaine the Singer. However, Fake Pollocks bring some serious guts to the table with everything they’ve offered up so far, with this EP representing a new plateau for the minds behind one of math rock’s most influential bands.

Every song offers a lot to chew on, from the rapid-fire onslaught of abstract lyrics to boisterous rhythm sections and beautifully idiosyncratic guitar lines. From “One High Five” to “A Busy City Street,” the level of depth present on The Flashlight EP makes for a release that adds up to far more than the sum of its parts, and honestly, makes the short list for one of 2023’s best surprises thus far.

Seriously, these Nate and Ty guys. What will they think of next? Check out the full EP here on their Bandcamp and splash a nice hot black cup of Joe on our faces/keyboards here. Coming up we’ve got The Bob Lazar Story, Terms, Lynx, and more. Thanks for reading!