Wherever you go in the world, there is a common understanding and phrase related to a certain universal wisdom: expect the unexpected. Arguably, while on one hand this might not be an axiom best applied to math itself, as the sequencing of numbers is inherently ordered, while on the other, the magic of math is all about unexpected revelations… that is, of course, if you’re nerds like us.Honestly, it’s a matrix of madness best left unspoken by most people… but Terms is not music for most people – but we do think you’ll like it.

In Feb, we helped premier the beastly “Teetering Scree,” which gave a fairly accurate preview of the razor-sharpened chaos that defines the record it helps usher in today via SKiN Graft Records. All Becomes Indistinct, the band’s first offering since 2020’s Asbestos Mouth, doesn’t just run the gamut of the unexpected. It destroys the gamut. It grinds the gamut into dust sweeps it hastily into various corners of the Earth with zero regard.

If you haven’t already, why not start now – dive deep into the gamut-grindage below with a full-album stream. It’s like musical fiber, clearing out the intestines of your mind with its cacophonous, unruly charge. Yeah. You’d best sit down for this one.

Isn’t it something?

While not entirely atonal, Chris Trull and Danny Piechocki’s combined attack is like a forced expansion of the mind on songs like “Soup of the Day” and “How to Talk to your Kids about Poetry.” Are these song titles? Are these even melodies or rhythms? The thing is, they are.

They might night sound like it at first, but the record is full of moments of deep compositional wonder, that also happen to sound like an eviscerated orchestra pit. It’s hard to explain. What we do know is that All Becomes Indistinct is more than a good time, roaring to life with an energy all its own. Like an elegant (but still scary) Frankenstein’s monster of math rock, Terms assembles the scattered, disparate pieces to create something damn near unbreakable.

We’ve heard a lot of weird stuff this year, but this one was definitely up there. Definitely check the album in its entirety above, and maybe pick up some physical goodies for it as well from the SKiN Graft Bandcamp here. If you want you can buy is a coffee here if you’re filthy rich but otherwise, coming up we’ve got The Bob Lazar Story, Lynx, Let’s Swim Get Swimming, and more. Thanks for reading!