coral zero


Does your anxiety have you constantly YouTubing things like lo-fi, calming vibes, and cat videos to put on in the background? Oh? Right, no, not us either. Why would you even ask?

It’s okay – there’s a lot of overload built into surviving a society, and at this point, there’s only one way for us to readily handle it: slamming music into our brains and drowning out the intrusive thoughts. But that doesn’t always have to be such a violent, jarring act – especially when you can listen to the new Coral Zero.

Somewhere between the steadfast serenity of Standards and the emotional thrills of Daijiro Nakagawa, you’ll find the bliss of Coral Zero. It’s like going to the cyber-beach. That’s a thing people do, right? Hmmm… Anyway.

Check out “Sea of Stars” below – just don’t be surprised if you end up streaming the whole EP immediately after.


It’s nice, right? If you listen to it on Bandcamp, you can find the bonus nugget “Waywalker,” as well as the song’s ‘soundtrack’ version. We don’t know what soundtrack is being referred to here (if there is a specific one) but we think that we get it. Coral Zero could definitely do a great OST, but for now, we’ll settle for a great, and supremely calming ten minute EP.

Here’s a little bit more about the project, which kind of sounds like a pretty sweet video game already.

“Windwalker, the first of a three-EP trilogy, is a cyber-fantasy themed, math-rocktronica EP that captures the excitement and wonder of starting out on a new adventure. With twinkly, melody-driven guitars, world-building production and odd-time riffs to round out the package, the EP culminates as a unique blend of math-rock and video-game soundtrack elements aimed to immerse listeners in a fun, new world.