You know what they say, “there’s no business like show business.” We wouldn’t know much about it, so far we’ve only got one botched documentary under our belt. But we do use the word ‘cinematic’ all the time, and today we cut to the very core of things with Cinema, the band.

When it comes to their new video, the Spanish band of aural cinematographers start things with a haphazard but stylish approach. There’s definitely some humor in it, but is it dark humor? Surreal humor? A secret third humor?

It’s actually progressive wormhole toilet humor – yeah, it is. Check out “Pose vs. Talent” below.


After the sleek introduction, the band brings some modernism into focus – what was once black and white is now color, and its characters now inadvertent members of Cinema. And that’s about where things get freaky – listen, we’re ever using the toilet and accidentally partake in a parallel 2-D universe, erase us. Undo us, please. The last thing we want to do is upset the townsfolk the way the band does.

But let’s stay on topic! In terms of filmography, we’d say that the general plight seems to fall somewhere between the warped, vulnerable innocence of films like Back to the Future and Pleasantville, and the time-bending upheaval of science fiction like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and John Dies At The End. However, we love the idea posed by the song title and how it ties into the narrative of the video. With such a loaded question, (essentially “what’s your favorite song”) the band explores the struggle between having pose, and having talent, and we’re thankful to report that at the very least, Cinema have both.

You know what, this also reminds us of the intro to The Mighty Boosh, for which it gets a basic infinity pass from us. Check out more from Cinema here, and buy us a coffee here if you’re nuts. We drink a lot of coffee. Anyway, coming up we’ve got Native Audio, Snatcher of Castles, Horse Torso, and more! Thanks for reading!