Trust Fund Ozu


It might sound like a stretch, but somewhere between hyperpop, progressive IDM, and all-out sonic warfare, one can easily spot the relentless, awe-inspiring attack of Trust Fund Ozu.

Recorded by Angel Marcloid aka Firetoolz, FAYE DOUBT is a molecularly perfected but inherently chaotic speed run through the future, and if you think you can hang, the rush is undeniable. Today, we don’t burn away – we FAYE DOUBT. Wait, is that right?

Check out the video for “SACRIFICIAL VOCALOID” below, and make sure you’ve got the right shoes on. You’re gonna go fast. Like 88MPH and into the future fast.


The production is spot on and perfectly paced, with Faye’s glitch-tactic attention to detail adding distinct flair to every crack, sizzle, and pop. “ZAWA” kicks things off in a bold, dance floor friendly way, but quickly switches gears into borderline industrial punk somewhere between The Locust, Sophie, and Death’s Dynamic Shroud, with a deadly chorus reminiscent of Trent Reznor’s most cacophonous conjurings.

The sheer amount of rhythmic prowess on display is actually sure to overwhelm the math rocker normie – but it’s their loss, and ultimately their duty to find a way to love it, because there is so much happening. Not only is much of it far from 4/4, it also features people like Ben Levin, Justice Cow and Angel Marcloid performing as Nonlocal Forecast. Overall, it’s thrilling party.

Other tracks like “SHINIGAMI” and “JK ROWLING APOLOGY TRACK,” stay true to the driving, extreme-BPM’s and hot-girl panache, but subtly allow for introspection in the peripherals. Actually, once FAYE DOUBT is over, it becomes easier to see that the whole album is full of candid explorations, from identity and self confidence to trans rights and the power of creating meaning, as opposed to finding it.

Here’s a brief word from the Bandcamp descrpiption:

“Trust Fund Ozu returns with FAYE DOUBT, a sprawling new record that expands her glitched-out electronic pop sound with a myriad of genre twists from hardcore punk to bubblegum pop. Faye Fadem has packed FAYE DOUBT full of fight songs, anthems of self-affirmation, cyberpunk roll calls, anime OPs, and even an ode to America’s greatest past-time: Locating Bigfoot.”

FAYE DOUBT is a wildly entertaining album that delights in the inverting expectation, never settling in one place for too long – how Trust Fund Ozu finds a way to channel all this depth and freedom to create something extraordinary on every level is beyond us. Way beyond us. No matter what you think you should expect from the record, give it a spin – it’s a breathe of fresh air in every respect.

Be sure to experience the whole thing on Bandcamp here, as well as the rest of Trust Fund Ozu’s discography. If you want to feed us coffee (we eat it) you can do it here – otherwise, get out there and enjoy the weekend. Thanks for reading, but more importantly, thanks for listening Trust Fund Ozu, The Pieces of Shit!, Cheval De Frise, and all these other crazy bands. We wouldn’t have anything to talk about if it wasn’t for them, and we’re glad you can read. So thanks for reading!