sons of Venus


Recently, our longtime contributor Iván Maldonado Caballero made a remark during our live Twitch stream that really resonated with people, stating that Mike Patton, as credited as he is, does not get enough credit for his role in progressive, complex music.

Just as we were thinking about how to frame this as a potential article, Sons of Venus released a single that almost seemed to confirm the theory’s validity.

Sons of Venus, a NY based prog band, sounds like if June of 44 and Gary Newman had a baby, and that baby really liked Angel Dust-era Faith No More. It’s kind of a rabbit hole, but trust us, it makes sense. What? Don’t believe us? Fine – check it out below.


Told you! “Living in Blood,” the first single from the band’s upcoming LP, has a surreal, desert-y post-rock feel underneath it. This dry, slinking feeling ends making the lush, unexpectedly pretty bridge a welcome water break once it finally kicks in. After all, it’s a seven-minute song, so you might want to bring a snack.

This one is definitely for the experimental crowd, as obviously it’s not going to fit neatly into the modern definition of math rock or even many people’s definition of prog. That being said, you can easily see that the roots of Sons of Venus and complex music are intrinsically entangled with “Living in Blood,” and we’re excited to see if they pop up elsewhere on whatever comes next.

Keep your eye out for more from the band here, and if you wanna buy us a coffee, be our guest – do it here! We’ve got a couple more write ups to push through but it’s time to get down to brass tacks – the East Coast // Midwest US compilation. More on that soon. Thanks for reading!