Morviscous – Cargo/Vexed (2014)

Well, this has been the greatest thing that has fallen into my lap so far this month. Cargo/Vexed, a new double A-side by London’s Morviscous, is a discourse on honest and elegant storytelling. Here there are no bleeding fingertips from imprudent finger tapping, and no blisters from knocking down pedal foot-switches. Rather, this miniature release provides profound narrative with minimal embellishment, and is worthy of your attention.

‘Cargo’ has a delicate and almost pathos-like chord progression within lightly tapped alternations of 10/4 and 12/4 meters, espousing both the poignant simplicity of Mogwai and the beautiful jazzy soul of Soft Machine. The more upbeat ‘Vexed’ combines fuzzy, angular rock licks with cool fusion, but progresses in a fashion that is cinematic and anticipatory. The true beauty of these tracks is never forced, rather, it arises from the restraint and control of the musicians.

What makes Cargo/Vexed so refreshing is it’s organic edge, it’s Romantic nature. It invests minimal and speaks so much. It strips itself of foundational excesses and, instead, uses restraint to speak an art that is rich, potent and, hm, viscous. It is these qualities in Cargo/Vexed that allow the mind to wander and conjure up wonderful images of, say, a sub-aqueous pentagon of cargo containers.

File Under

Post rock, math rock, jazz, indie, slow groove, instrumental, soothing, progressive, experimental

Sounds A Tad Like

Mogwai, Cousin, mOck, Slint


£2.50 (Bandcamp)


United Kingdom