Thailand’s Aire have been teasing us with their debut full-length release for a while. For a short period last year, the unmastered tracks ‘Saganito’ and ‘Jinrikisha’ were downloadable on the Dessin The World Bandcamp page. A month ago they also released a single version of’Pyramid Sequence’ on Youtube. Now, lo, the full length You Are Here is alive and is whispering into our ears ‘life’s going to be ok, kid‘.

We big-hearted chumps at Fecking Bahamas are proud to present an exclusive stream of two new tracks from Aire’s You Are Here. We’re sure that you’ll agree with us when we say that Aire have such a great thing going. These two wonderful tracks, ‘Pyramid Sequence’ and ‘Forest’, showcase a range of musical motifs and meander across post rock, math rock, fusion and progressive rock. Their cool pop grooves nestle comfortably over the structurally complex instrumentation, and are sure to put a lil’ smile on your face.

You Are Here will be released on the 31st of May via Tower Records, and rest assured that we will be Release-o-meter-ing the shit out of it when it hits those CD shelves. We can’t weight.