Macho Muchacho – Eme Eme EP (2014)


Macho Muchacho’s EP entitled Eme Eme was originally released in 2012, but this year it’s been reissued with an added track at the beginning (and some new art courtesy of Fecking Bahamas’ own Tak Yamamoto, in part!). Clocking in now around twenty-four minutes, the only mark against the band’s excellent reissue is that I want it to go on so much longer than it does. The new track that opens the record, ‘Battousai, el Destajador’, is a slow churning mass of start-and-stop rhythmics that showcases the awesome command that Macho Muchacho has over their pedalboards. Effects junkies can take note here, as MM creates much more than just a bunch of cool sounds.

The EP really starts to shine after the half minute long second track when track three, ‘Fugados’, opens up from it’s dark espionage sounding intro into some fantastic tapping loops and urgent riffs, pulling off what could be the best early Fall of Troy tribute I’ve ever heard. It demands immediate attention, circles back on itself, contemplates a bit, and manages to be extremely dance-worthy all in about six minutes, with a very cool crossfade technique (best heard through a good set of headphones) tossed in for good measure.

However, the EP is never as abrasive as early Fall of Troy stuff tends to be, keeping itself feeling very modest and understated despite it’s virtuosic musicianship. There are a lot of very cool riffs to be found here as well, especially during the quieter moments. All in all, Macho Muchacho’s Eme Eme is essential for any math head looking for a tight, well constructed release with tons of jam potential.

File Under

Looping, Tappity-tap, Slow groove, Post Hardcore, Instrumental, Ambient, Shredding

Sounds A Tad Like

The Fall of Troy, You Slut!, Minus the Bear, Tera Melos, El Ten Eleven


Free download of original on Bandcamp, $10 for a reissue CD (shoot an email to, only 150 available!)


Guyaquil, Ecuador