Mi’ens – experimentalsparklenoisepop (2014)

The Vancouver duo mi’ens are going to make some nice, fresh waves in the scene with their new LP, experimentalsparklenoisepop. Festive and holding a rather high spirit, the tracks are fun, engaging, and make the generally maverick nature of math rock palatable and jovial.

Being predominately loop based, guitarist Kim’s angular and progressive melodies build upon each other, exerting a psychedelic and almost hypnotic effect. Moreover, once looped, the melodies provide a backbone to the songs, allowing the band to pursue new musical motifs in the foreground. For example, soothing vocals are added to evoke a dream-like feel, matching the whimsical nature of the band. Building harmonies from the base up, Kim’s guitar lines are original and wedge themselves amongst Evan’s polyrhythmic drumming. 

experimentalsparklenoisepop is rather befitting as a subgenre for this album. It sounds like a kaleidoscopic adventure through densely populated tropical scenery, and each of its songs overwhelms all my senses with beauty and warmth. The vibrant core of the band gives post-rock a much needed boost of energy and youthfulness.

File Under

Progressive, two-piece, math rock, looping, angularity, vocals

Sounds A Tad Like

The Physics House Band, Plural, Time Columns


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