Depakine Chrono – S/T (2014)

I remember the night pretty well. The UK summer, all two weeks of it, was slowly petering out. We had only just moved to Leeds and were slowly becoming acquainted with the local gig scene. The first proper gig we went to was a Euro mini-festival at Wharf Chambers, a small but charming co-op next to the canals. I remember about 10 or 12 of us in a circle around the headliners, a noise-rock two-piece from the Czech Republic named Depakine Chrono. They had set their instruments set up on the floor around us, Lightning Bolt style, and I could smell their body odour. I remember punching some words into my phone and then showing them to Kat while they were playing. Those words are still in my phone…


Depakine Chrono amazed me. Their combination of raw energy and guerilla art was something I felt so far removed from in Australia. And, talking to them after the show, I found that they felt similar frustrations in their own city of Budvar. And so the next day I returned to the one medium where I could feel a sense of connection: the internet. I was eager to find their records but, alas, naye. Only a series of low-quality demos, not the sort of thing that can reflect a monumental performance to 10 or 12 hungry souls.

Now, with great pleasure I can finally respin yarns of that night. I can recall that the scorching heat inside that small venue was at odds with the cold air outside. I can remember why I go to gigs in the first place.

For Depakine Chrono have released their self-titled cassette on Bandcamp. And you can hear their sweat on it.

File Under

Noise rock, two-piece, math rock, shredding, distortion, angularity, tappity-tap

Sounds A Tad Like

Pneu, Lightning Bolt, noumenon, Hella


Name Yo’ Price or 150czk (Cassette)


Czech Republic