Jean Jean – Froidepierre (2018)

I’m starting to feel like I’ve come a long way with French trio-cum-duo-cum-trio Jean Jean. I first reviewed Symmetry five years ago with the sadly defunct Musical Mathematics. Four years on, the band became a headline spot for the Bahamas Fest lineup, showcasing new material they had been working on over a multi-year gap of seclusion. This has been a band that has continuously delivered compelling results with their gorgeous textures, their seamless fusion of math rock and EDM, and their ability to exploit the musical spectrum to push a narrative (‘With Mountains As Witness’ from their self-titled debut is still a maximum wowser).

Will all this create a conflict of interest for a review of Froidepierre? It’s hard to say. Because I love this album. And if bias threatens to muddy the waters of impartial music journalism, take this as a keynote: if you loved Symmetry then you’re going to love Froidepierre.

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Math rock, instrumental, electronic, EDM, pop

Sounds A Tad Like

Gallops, Three Trapped Tigers, Battles


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Frances With Wolves