EXCLUSIVE // Watch Pfaff’s live session of their new track ‘No Truth Handler, You!’

If you have not heard of Pfaff yet you are in for a treat. Their music is joyous and wholesome fun and we are thrilled to present their latest session video recorded at the Seven Bro7hers Brewery in Salford.

Those familiar with math rock are well aware that many bands do not take things entirely seriously. Not only does this genre like to push boundaries but also push buttons and push Slinkies down stairs.

The UK has a rich history of notable math-like bands that have brought this silly energy into their music, song titles, videos, artwork and performances and it’s been a pleasure to be caught up in all the smiles and laughs. Along with bands ranging from Cardiacs to Axes, Manchester trio Pfaff have been carrying this torch with much pride over the years and are recording their debut full-length album (with the one and only Tom Peters).

I think a huge part of it is translating the energy we have on stage onto record. We like to have fun as a band and I think that comes through on the album, from cheeky one-off moments to big subtle-as-a-housebrick riffs. Tom really gets that and has been great to work with, from the live studio tracking to getting creative with the overdubs, adding an extra element to our sound which we’re super stoked to share. ” – Jack Dixon, guitarist

Pfaff will be crowdfunding the album with a campaign starting in February – stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram for updates on that and you can catch them at StrangeForms this year in April, followed by their album launch tour in May.