EXCLUSIVE // Trying Science are rolling out a track from their new EP ‘Next’

Austin is not just known for Explosions in the Sky and Scratch Acid. Naye, there’s a back catalogue of stellar math rock acts that have put Austin on the map: Hikes, AM Feelgood, Boyfrndz, Future Death, Feuding Fathers. If you look under an innocuous rock, you’ll find even more: The Nine Lives of the Parachute Tester, Halaska, Farrago Ensemble, there was even a non-descript two-piece called Dudebro.

This is the backdrop, the fecund scene under which a band like Trying Science can develop and prosper. It’s clocking in two years since they released this sweet split with other local math rock kids. This year, the quartet are back with a lovely EP that will grant guitar noodles and oddball instrumentation to needy math rock pundits.

Next will be the next instalment for Trying Science, out next month. On offer is four blistering tracks of melodic mathy scrunchy goodness. Today, it is our pleasure to whet your appetite with a cut from the album. ‘Math Salts’ is bursting with quirky pedal-stomping guitar work that will give you all the necessary feels to get you through those chilly Texan winter days.

Trying Science will try science on ‘Next’ due out February 28th. You can pre-order the album over at their Bandcamp page. Also, watch Cheer on Netflix, it’s pretty gud.