EXCLUSIVE // Have a watch of Irk’s latest video ‘Spectre At The Fiesta’


It is a beautiful day at the park. Nestled high, in damp climbing frame arms, everything expands outwards before you: skies, pastel blue and jewelled with oddly handsome birds, stroking clouds, formed into trivial shapes – solely for your pleasure, a comely canvas for playground pastiches of children and slides and children on slides. Yet, just as perfection threatens to rear its angel face, violence taints this world: dismounting motorbikes, a mob of balaclava-boasting, black-clad colossuses storm the scene. Instant panic. Children scramble, tiny forms swarming, terrified, towards exits far below, but your vantage point leaves no such easy escape. Feet fumbling in vain, you collapse to the rubber floor.

Helpless. Limpframed, the masked men drag you briskly to the roundabout and, in summoning every possible splodge of energy buried in their collective, ill-gotten muscle mass, thrust you to a circular oblivion. It begins. Disorientation. Panic. Nausea, soon following. Life becomes an intense blur of sight and sound. Aaaah. Snakes? (The thugs have thrown in some snakes). Chaos ensues. Your head feels like it is melting. Aaaaah. Anarchy breaks. Now the mobsters are screeching at you buuuut what’s that? You catch a groove: the lopsided rhythm of the roundabouts rotation. Clarity breaks into the confusion. Aah. Head, still feeling as though thoroughly spadethrashed, begins to nod. Everything starts to make so much sense. Ah? Actually, you realise, it’s all quite beautiful. You thank fate for allowing you this experience, sit back and, taking it all in, enjoy.

What I have, hopefully, just modelled to you, dear audience, is the Irk experience, and this new, wonderfully dirt-smattered gem of intense, groovy madness – plucked, may I say, from the Leeds noisy boys upcoming debut “recipes from the bible” –  complimented superbly by Pstl Cstl productions’ strobing, claustrophobic riot of a video wrapped up in retro gaming pastiche, should prove no less of a trip.

Irk will release their debut album ‘Recipes from the Bible’ in December. Be sure to follow the band on their Facebook page, it will sure help you keep in the know…