EXCLUSIVE // Have a listen to Tall Talker’s new single ‘Gino’


Back in January 2017, we released Tall Talker’s debut single, ‘Blaster’, a glorious little slice of math, fusing the stylings of techy slapping (a la abasi) and ttng twiddle into a singular, groovy sound. Now, almost two years on, the Leeds math rock trio are finally to release their debut EP, GINO, and in its leading single, and namesake, set themselves out as a group, truly, to be excited about.

Covering a fair bit of ground across its six-minute run time, the track – a “eulogy” for guitarist Zach’s late cat of the same name – deals in nuanced guitar work held down by and interweaving with solid rhythm section ideas, emphasising overall, alongside technicality, a commendably strong focus on groove and melody – the core reason for which these guys stand out from the crowd.

a1369708735_10The GINO EP is set for release October 9th; throw the date in your diaries and check out their facebook for more juicy info.