Voronoi Wearing Strange Makeup


Voronoi comfortably orbit a variety of worlds adjacent to math rock, and made a considerable splash with Vacuums in 2017. The EP’s synth-heavy groove and overall downtempo flavor garnered a diverse range of comparisons, from Alarmist and Weary Eyes to a slightly heavier mouse on the keys.

But “Gamma Signals,” the band’s new single, aims even higher this time around, specifically outer space. Check out the exclusive music video below, hosted by the homies Art as Catharsis. The new single marks the announcement of The Last Three Seconds, the band’s upcoming full-length, which promises to continue their kaleidoscopic trend in a bold new way. Check out those 5-string bass leads.

“Compositionally and stylistically we have moved into much heavier territory than our contemporary jazz foundations,” says Keyboardist Aleks Podraza. “It really shows. If you were to put this record against the first tunes we played together as Zeitgeist, it would be like introducing a much less capable Thelonious Monk to a less hectic Dillinger Escape Plan.”

Podraza is right, though – “Gamma Signals” sees Voronoi expanding away from the territory covered on Vacuums and lurching into weirder, wilder realms. Whether they call it Zeitgeist or Voronoi, we are super excited to watch this evolution in real time.

We were also pleased to hear the true inspiration behind the song. Instrumental music doesn’t always have a point, and obviously it doesn’t have to, but we thought you’d appreciate the following dedication. We know we did.

“The track title is called “Gamma Signals,” which is harkening to when the first pulsar was discovered way back when, by the astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell. When she discovered pulses of gamma radiation being emitted from a backwater edge of our galaxy, her scientific instinct was that it could be anything. However, upon divulging this information to the press at the time, the press hilariously assumed that we were being communicated to by aliens. JBB was never given the Nobel Prize for her discovery of pulsars, speculatively because she is a woman.”

If it was up to us, Burnell would have got the Peace Prize. You have our word. But until we have that kind of authority, keep your eyes peeled for more announcements from Voronoi and check out their discography here. The Last Three Seconds is out May 5 through Small Pond and Art as Catharsis.