EXCLUSIVE // Get Weird With Alarmist In Their Studio Session of ‘Lactic Tang’

Dublin City’s benevolent jazz/math wizards Alarmist, alongside production artist Afghaniscan, have put together a video for “Lactic Tang,” one of the band’s more 70’s fusion inspired tracks off their debut Sequesterer, released earlier this year.

You may recall this album garnering some attention over the last several months for it’s defiance to comparison. Is it math? Is it jazz? Is this an album from the future? Whatever you choose to believe, whichever you prefer, if you are looking for something new, look no further. Somewhere between Battles, Three Trapped Tigers, and Thundercat, lies but a small sample of the complex soul found within Alarmist’s galactic spread.

Freakish fairy tale cuts like “Kalite Quest” and the impenetrable “Bronntanasaurus,” see melodies disassociate and reacquaint like restless ghosts searching for their former bodies. And though the math here is dense, don’t let it scare you away: beneath this monolith lies a hell of a lot of fun.

“Lactic Tang” is as close to a perfect introduction to the band as one can get: sparsely textured guitars, bubbling synths, and sputtering bass lines guide the listener through a labyrinth of time-variable gravity and modal-quantum entanglement. The play-through video shows off much of the gadgetry behind this operation, as well as some amusing behind-the-scenes snippets to even things out.

Check out Alarmist’s new record in it’s entirety on the band’s Bandcamp page, which you can find here.