NEW MUSIC // Nurture Nurture: math rock so nice they named it twice…

Nurture Nurture is a two-piece math rock band from the Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (not to be confused with the b’ys in St John, Newfoundland). Now, I know what you’re not thinking: Giraffes? Giraffes!, Jean Jean, Iran Iran, Duran Duran. Yep, we have another fine set of souls to join our fine little math rock doppel-gang.

Nurture Nurture’s brand new cut is ‘Lonely Habits’ , a delectable feast of Gulfer-esque emo revival with wriggly math rock phrases. The track is sure to keep the listener busy trying to parse Jeff Cook’s guitar work, as he unapologetically taps and noodles his way through a range of impressive guitar wheelies, whilst belting out reflections on his triumphant but nonetheless cumbersome slog through sobriety. Drummer Scott Dincorn’s percussion work is equally impressive, and the crisp production work captures every reverberating snare hit. Together, there’s enough rolls and licks to keep you well-sated.

‘Lonely Habits’ is a short and punchy teaser of things to come from Nurture Nurture. Well-timed, really, I’ve been spending my days re-listening to Depeche Mode.

Stay up to date with Nurture Nurture via their Facebook page. And why not throw some coins at ’em over on their Bandcamp page?