EXCLUSIVE // Stream a new track from Iran Iran’s upcoming album ‘Milk Time For Spiders’


Iran Iran: the band so nice they named themselves twice. Iran Iran: the sultans of swing who justifiably tore Arctangent’s PX3 tent a new asshole last year. Iran Iran: four men whose pun-slinging knows no bounds. And now, Iran Iran: philanthropists…

For these faux-Persian lads have kindly bestowed upon us an exclusive track from their upcoming record Milk Time For Spiders. ‘Michael Mannhunter’ gives us a little taste of the bombasticity that should be expected from the five track EP, due to drop on May 4th. The spastic time changes and structured dissonance bond genres like experimental, noise rock, post-rock, and their self-described genre of “aggressive math-pop” together to form a Don Caballero-esque cacophony that is somehow inviting to the ears. It’s like a sandwich with every condiment known to the Western World on it, an overwhelming yet fucking delectable treat. The broken glass topping also gives the sandwich a nice abrasive punch.

A wonderful primer for an anticipated release, ‘Michael Mannhunter’ is proof that Milk Time For Spiders is going to be rich in texture, high in adrenaline, and bountiful in puns and portmanteaus.

iran iran
You can pre-order Milk Time For Spiders on CD, vinyl and digital download on the Iran Iran Bandcamp page. Go get a tan.