EXCLUSIVE // Stream Bearfoot Beware’s new album ‘World Owes You Nowt’


If you’re listening to a song which therein the primary lyric is ‘he should’ve died as a kid’ repeated over and over, you kind of know where you’re at.

It’s this sort of moral-fogging, inhibition-releasing propensity that Bearfoot Beware‘s new album World Owes You Nowt harbours. Revitalising the disjointed minimalism of late 80’s post-hardcore and noise rock (where such aforementioned lyrics wouldn’t be misplaced amongst Steve Albini’s unbridled and offensive oeuvre), the Leeds trio spike their noisy, and slightly quirky, punk offerings with emotionally charged social ennui. In ‘Smoker’ vocalist Tom Bradley is heard to remark “People ask me why do I hate myself? I just ask them ‘don’t you?’“. Good point, perhaps.

Bearfoot Beware’s music has always carried this weight: it’s distorted and nihilistic, yet at the same time playful and facetious. And today, we’re offering you the chance to get immersed in these ideas two days prior to its big release with an exclusive full stream of World Owes You Nowt.

This nine track follow up to Bearfoot Beware’s 2013 LP, Bruises And Business, slots nicely amidst belligerent math rock acts like Mayors of Miyazaki, Blakfish, and 90 Day Men. Conceptually, however, the album carries much more force. It’s the soundtrack to universal entropy. It’s a brisk reminder of the ephemeral nature of everything you know. It provides an arena where someone justifiably should have died as a kid. Enjoy this album now because you’re going to die soon too.

You can purchase this rambunctious little son of a bitch on CD, vinyl and digital download via Bearfoot Beware’s Bandcamp page. Be safe out there.